Mable Virginia WilsonYours Truly - Dee Dee WilsonDee Galloway, aka “Sagacious Joy,” is a poet blessed to have had many of her poetic dreams come true ... sometimes all at the same time!

I guess it was inevitable that I became a poet. Mama would often recite poetry as she worked around the house, and my siblings and I grew up hearing the idiomatic rhymes of Paul Laurence DunbarOne day I sat in awe as she recited, completely from memory, Dunbar's In the Morning, a poem she'd memorized when she was a little girl. That was the day that I decided I would grow up to be a poet, and someday, I would write a poem my Mama would memorize and recite.

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Workshops & Presentations

The Joy of Poetry

This workshop is for budding poets and anyone who likes to think, talk, write, and share poetry. We'll do some writing exercises, and everyone will get a chance to share.

African Roots of American Music

Beginning with the functional music tradition of Africa, this musical presentation will explore early American music from an Afro-centric perspective.

The Poetry Den

Getting interviewed for a poetry podcast is a great way to feel famous in your neighborhood.

Being a poet is a pretty solitary profession, so it's always fun to share stories about poetry and poetic process with other poets who understand the joys and challenges of trying to live a life dedicated to poetry. I had the joy of being interviewed by poet friends Noah West and Jake Sandi for their new venture, The Poetry Den Podcast, and it was some of the best fun I've ever had! I'm proud to share "the Dee Galloway episode" for your listening pleasure.

At The Poetry Den: "Listening to the Voices in Our Heads" featuring Dee Galloway